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Looking to improve your performance at workouts and training sessions? Aiming for optimum strength, endurance and flexibility? Wanting to reduce aches and pains, and move more freely?

Reboot your body's systems with a treatment that enhances your health, vitality and well-being.

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I was suffering for three and half years, sometimes with severe pain, from a herniated disc in my lower spine. After only 2 months of weekly stretch sessions with Karen, the sciatic pain has literally gone. I now know what stretches to do if any pain does arise.

~ I.S., Canberra

My body is the supplest it has been and many of my neck, shoulder and back problems have improved markedly. Karen has been able to identify problem areas and used her healing hands to target these. She has also suggested exercises to follow at home in between massage sessions.

~ K.R., Canberra

... due to a tear of my meniscus and degeneration, I was not able to bend my knee and it was rather painful. I went to see Karen where she gave me a lymphatic drainage massage and, by the end of a one and a half hour massage, I was able to actually bend my knee. I had two more sessions and my knee has never felt better.

~ I. Crowe, Oxley

Karen is deeply committed to her work ... She possesses a thorough understanding of human physiology, complemented by her acute insight into human behaviour and its effect on the physical and emotional health of her clients.

~ A. O’Connell, Colinton

Because Karen’s method focuses on connecting the mind and the body, I believe that once my mind found a state of calm, my body was able to follow.

~ Melissa

Your body is for life — keep it well tuned

Imagine you were only able to have one car for your entire life. No getting rid of it just because it's not performing the way you want it to. No upgrades for a newer model.

Just how well would you look after that car?

Well, your body is like that car ... the vehicle through which you experience life.

And to function at optimum levels of health, vitality and well-being, it’s important to take care of your vehicle.

When neglected, your body gets out of tune. That can leave you feeling out of sorts, which in turn makes you more susceptible to stress and injury.

By making massage and other body therapies a regular part of your health and fitness regimen, you're better equipped to travel through life and live it harmoniously.

So why not tune in to your body, and get a tune-up today?